About Me

Hey there.

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Whether you’re family to me, a dear friend, or a stranger that just happened to come across my blog, I am humbled that you stopped by. I’m Zack. I love God, I’m the husband of a beauty, and I’m currently studying at Shorter University’s School of Nursing towards a BSN. I’m a member of West Rome Baptist Church, and I do photography and geocaching for fun. While my wife and I have no children, we do have two horses (Pride and Koda Bear), and a rabbit named Obadiah.

I started blogging long ago, but haven’t been very intentional about it until recently. As the title suggests, my blog is an effort to see the goodness and love of God in all things. I know loss and pain, as well as joy and peace. My prayer is that this blog may serve as a comfort and/or an encouragement to you, wherever you may be in life.

You may or may not feel His presence, but God is with you. In all things.