Book Review: Average Joe

FOREVER ago, I signed up to get free books in exchange for posting a review on my blog. I regret to say that it has taken me years to post my first, but my delay does not mean this book lacks the power to inspire. Average Joe speaks to anyone who doubts the significance of the work they are doing for God’s kingdom in their seemingly “ordinary” jobs or roles. Troy Meeder introduces us to countless people who would not be considered famous or “successful” by shallow, modern standards, but who none-the-less impacted his life and others in extraordinary ways.

Henry Drummond once wrote that the object of our lives is “to do God’s will. It is not to be happy or to be successful, or famous, or to do the best we can, and get on honestly in the world. It is something far higher than this – to do God’s will.” Sometimes it’s easy to forget that no matter how insignificant what we are doing seems in our eyes, God has a greater purpose for us than we can ever imagine. Average Joe is refreshing to read, and reminds us of that truth. Troy Meeder inspires the reader to find God’s great purpose in whatever it is He has lead he or she to do, and does so with interesting and often comical stories that make it a great read.

Being a baker and a teacher, I frequently struggle with finding God’s will and purpose in my own area of work. I don’t own a multi-million dollar business. I am not a lawyer or a doctor, and I don’t have a six-figure income. None of the things that our culture praises as successful describes my job or status. Average Joe helped me to start changing the way I view myself to reflect more of the way God sees me. A theme for my life during the past few years has been the process of finding my identity in Christ alone, and being faithful in the midst of every situation.

My job is not my primary calling, or my identity, or my status. My primary calling is to spread the love and grace of God; my identity – Christ; my status – redeemed and holy. As long as I seek first His face and kingdom, He will show up in every other area of my life, and He will use me for His glory.

God works in and through His children regardless of what they are doing. You have no idea what kind of impact you have on the people you see every day, and who see you every day.average joe